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Potassium titanate whisker

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Potassium titanate whisker

CAS No.: 12030-97-6

MF:  K2Ti6O13

Appearance: white needle crystal

Real specific gravity g/cm3----------------------- 3.28-5.55
Bulk density g/cm3----------------------------------- 0.4-0.7
Moisture content wt%   ---------------------------- 0.5 Max
Purity wt% -----------------------------------------------95 Min
PH value (in water) ------------------------------------- 7-9
Major impurity -----------------------------------------No Si Fe
Mohs hardness   ------------------------------------------ 4
Melting point C   -------------------------------------1320-1370
Softening Temp C  ------------------------------------- 1200
Tensile strength GPa -------------------------------- 280 Min
Coefficient of thermal expansion 10-1/K ------ 6.8*10-6

Potassium Titanate Whiskers is a new materials widely used in Automobile Brakes,
Plastics Addtive, Heat Insulation materials and other fields due to its better quality
than other similar products. As a kind of friction materials, it has been
replaced Asbestus, and showed much more superior quality.

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