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Calcium Sulfate Whisker

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Calcium Sulfate Whisker

CAS NO:7778-18-9


Appearance: white needle crystal

Whiteness % -------92min
Tensile strength (GPa) ------20.5
Density (g/cm3)  -----------2.96
Tensile modulus(GPa)---------178
Bulk density(g/cm3)---------0.1-0.4
Melting point(℃)------------1450
Mohs hardness ----------------3
Heat resistance (℃)--------1000
Refractive index-----------1.585

Calcium sulphate whisker has high strength, high modulus, high toughness, good wear resistance, high insulation, high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, infrared reflection good, easy to surface treatment, easy/polymer composite, non-toxic, and many other excellent physical and chemical performance

1.Calcium sulfate whisker can be used as medium-strength filler, reinforcing effect of other high-performance fiber materials, heat renitence and the dimension stability.
 2.Calcium sulfate whisker can replace asbestos (as asbestos has great toxicity) and be used in friction materials, construction materials, sealing materials, heat insulation materials and cold insulation materials.
 3.Calcium sulfate whisker can be used in environmental projects , It has no toxicity and is therefore especially suitable for the use in the filtration of beverages and medicines.
 4.Calcium sulfate whisker used as paper filler can improve the opaqueness, plasticity, flame retarding and printability of paper
 5.Modify asphalt and the pavement structure, enhance the impact, hardness and shrinkage of the road.
 6.Produce dry foundry sand with strong tensile strength.
 7.Calcium sulfate whisker can be used as anchoring material and flame-retarding material to improve the strength of polymers and metals and enable them to have good processing fluidity and high surface gloss.
 8.Increase the strength of nylon and improve the surface gloss of moto-componence products
 9.Calcium sulfate whisker can be used as flame-retarding and antistatic additive.
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