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Titanium Dioxide R217(Special-use)

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Titanium Dioxide R217 (92.3%min)(Special-use)


CAS No.: 13463-67-7


Method:Titanium Dioxide R217 is made through the sulfuric acid process





Item  R217 Index
TiO2 Content 92.3% min
Whiteness -------
Tint Redusing Power,compared with standard Samples 100% min
Dispersibility 15  max
Oil Absorption(g/100g) 23.2max
PH value of aqueous suspension 6.5-8.0
Water-soluble Matter 0.4% max
Residue on sieve(0.045mm sieve pore) 0.04 max
Glossiness 94%min


Usage: R216 Titanium Dioxide mainly used in the manufacture of gusset plate,PVC tubing,tubings,etc.


Packing: 25kg plastic bag with PE inside and PP woven outside ;22MT/20 @#$FCL;20MT/20 @#$FCL(With Pallet)


H.S. Code: 3206111000

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