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Water treatment chemicals reviving the investment storm

PostTime:2010/4/2 15:19:57 Author:本站  Click:204

Sinochem by China and India -  The strong demand growth driver from china and Indian, future years global water treatment chemicals and technical market demand will at an average annual rate of 5.7 percent by 2013 rapid growth, the scale of the market will reach $59 billion. Global market by rising demand stimulation, since the start of the global water treatment chemicals and technology companies have announced to expand capacity and increase r&d investment plan.

Well-known consulting firm, says afredo in California group headed by between the two countries to the developing countries water treatment chemicals and technology of strong demand growth, from these regions industrial capacity and government to expand clean water supply capacity policy influence. The developed area the power demand growth mainly from the water resources recycling.

Global water treatment giant GE says, has expanded is located in China's jiangsu wuxi high-tech development zone of water treatment chemicals and technology factory capacity. The project is GE 2010 November 20 billion dollars of investment announced expanded China market business, increase customer support part of the program. GE said that the government is pushing for the energy and water infrastructure, to keep the modernization process of the sustainability of strong growth. In this policy interest good background, we increase the process of the localization of China business, so as to shorten the customer demand response meet local time. And from the United States, compared to the same product factory orders from to accept the order of wuxi factory can shorten the time of delivery 6 ~ 10 weeks. GE energy and water processing company responsible for water treatment technology vice President Jeff connery says: "wuxi factory capacity will greatly improve our ability to service for the local customers, the more rapid response of the Chinese government increasingly strict atmosphere and water management regulations."

Finland KaiMiLa company declared recently, will invest euro40 million in bayer technology material company is located in Germany Thomas root and Spain's plant in nastic which put new two sets of water treatment agent devices, in order to strengthen the condensation in the European market position. These two sets of devices is expected to put into production in 2012. KaiMiLa company has formed with bayer science materials company partnerships, plan from bayer buy polyurethane production process of byproduct hydrochloric acid, the production of drinking water and wastewater services of condensate agent used.

Ashland inc. and assorted LanHeKe lux water treatment technology company in March this year developed a kind of water treatment chemicals delivery systems. This system can eliminate liquid water treatment chemicals during transmission may cause harm. Ashland company says, the company developers will have liquid water treatment chemicals into a solid form, this kind of solid water treatment chemicals in their development can be within the transmission system of solid chemicals is activated. This new type of water treatment chemicals, plus sealing system, can greatly improve the safety performance and reduce the cost and eliminate pollution chemical transmission, while reducing liquid chemicals processing time.

Global another water treatment chemicals company's branch company recently, American sign an agreement, from the U.S. department of energy's national laboratory, gong obtain a technical license, this technology can improve biological process and improve water treatment efficiency.

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