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Japan oil demand slowing after the earthquake

PostTime:2010/4/6 10:58:29 Author:本站  Click:66

Sinochem - according to the dow Jones news, on March 11, because after a powerful earthquake and tsunami around Japan and northeast oil refineries and port closed, march Japanese oil imports dropped, but declines less than market expectations. Originally to most of the earthquake-stricken area in western Japan imported crude oil is supply district does not affected by the quake, used to produce the refinery with and heating rescue with gasoline, kerosene and diesel.

However, because oil product inventory abundance, warm weather and main search and rescue activity basic end, Japan, currently oil demand has slowed. Japan petroleum association chairman, said April 18, not damaged production device refinery in full load starts running. No longer

Japan's ministry of finance on April 20th, said the Japanese oil and march year-on-year condensate oil imports dropped 6.6%, to 1778 myriad litres, amount to 84 million BPD.

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