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French petrol prices rising again

PostTime:2010/4/2 15:16:10 Author:本站  Click:54

French energy and climate administration according to figures on May 2,2011 indicated that last week French petrol prices continued to rise, and again creates the new history record.


Last week French territory, 98 unleaded gasoline rose an average price per liter 1.5849 euros ($2.35 dollars), a record. But sales of French refined oil market 80% of diesel in 2008 May not break the record, diesel last week for the average price per liter 1.3596 euros (about 202 dollars), declined slightly.


French oil giant total group President DE omar hot before "Paris people accept the newspaper interview prediction, France gasoline prices will eventually exceed 2 euro per litre. "We can only hope that oil prices rising speed is not too fast, otherwise will lead to disastrous consequences."


The French economy has announced that the government has agreed with the relevant petroleum enterprise to consumers, subsidy. BuTieKuan will come from oil drillers, refining business and pay "extra tax distributors," including oil drillers and refining merchant provides 60%, distributors bear 40%. Subsidies issue will involve French 500 million dives, 50 million freelancers and 60 million the artisan.

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