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Japan international chemical exhibition advocate green innovation

PostTime:2010/4/20 9:52:08 Author:本站  Click:65

on April 27, the 2011 (host the 28th) Japan international chemical exhibition (Inchem Tokyo 2011) news conference, Japan association of stress-strain BenBuChang YanQi development technology revitalize part, says Mr Zhao jun is scheduled for November the 2011 held the Japan international chemical exhibition, will fully embody petroleum and chemical industry green innovation mainstream trend. Meeting &housewares 2011 green industry development international meetings, there will be many national government and industry high-level participation, jointly promote the sustainable development of Asian countries.

Organizers Japan association of heated, the exhibition will be disclosed on November 16 to 18, held in Tokyo, with "go green innovation" as the theme, under the factory equipment exhibition, product innovation exhibition, energy innovation/energy-saving/environmental exhibition and water technology innovation exhibition four galleries. For outstanding petrochemical industry, the green innovation tendency joint special planning exhibition display AD hoc four themes: the battery and factories, the effective use of technology, carbon dioxide separation and recycling technology of the precious metal recycling, saving use and alternative materials technology.

According to the Japanese people care about, after the earthquake YanQi introduce Mr. Zhao jun, Japan has no longer limit of industrial enterprises, airports, ports has all resuming trade is gradually restored. 2011 Japan international chemical exhibition will the sino-japanese trade to restore provide vast development platform.

According to understand, two years of a Japanese international chemical exhibition is Japan's only chemistry and processing industry large-scale professional exhibition. Organizers say exhibition area, the exhibition is expected to exceed 1 million square meters, covers the petroleum, petrochemical, chemical industry and related industries, thousands of products and technology exhibition. Although for earthquake, the number of influence in Japan could potentially be affected, but continue to anticipate a of this year's show 500 enterprises exhibitors, professional audience will also be more than 7 million people, far above previous 372 home will be exhibiting companies, 6.7 million viewers of scale.

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