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Shaanxi maximum coke oven gas to methanol device commissioning success

PostTime:2010/4/1 9:58:35 Author:本站  Click:197

Sinochem new - April 29, shanxi coal chemical group shan focal chemical Co., LTD. Produces 20 tons coke oven gas to methanol device a feeding success. Currently set of unit runs smoothly, expected mid-may can achieve design ability.

20 tons of shanxi focal company shanxi methanol project, is major science and technology project, carbonificated group is the largest coke oven gas shaanxi methanol device. The project in June 2008, with total investment of construction of 7 billion yuan, use shan focal company 200 tons/year of high temperature focal byproduct coke oven gas, the purification, pure methanol synthesis, distillation produced. This device in normal operation, sales income may receive 5 billion yuan, realize the profit 140 million yuan of above.

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