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The dow Jones: this year oil prices remain above $100

PostTime:2011/5/4 13:25:24 Author:本站  Click:125

Market analysts recently in an investigation reports dow Jones newswires expected, because of the continuing turmoil in the Middle East and the Japanese nuclear disaster on global economic impact, the uncertainty in the first half of 2011 will remain at prices above $100 a barrel levels. However, the 30 analysts surveyed have 25 expected, if the situation in the Middle East stability, the second half of this year the rise momentum will end.

The state bank (bashan LBBW) operator of economists said, if political tensions in the Middle East, oil prices ease slightly risk premiums will disappear again, then oil prices will fell 10 ~ 20 dollars, fall to about $100 a barrel. Calyon bank Credit Agricole CIB contact) analyst (the current price level, also predicted that won't last long, the second quarter demand will be very weak, and cause the second half price fixed.

Investigation shows, expected 2011 brent crude average $108 per barrel, higher than expected in March 103.30 dollars a barrel. 2012 brent crude price for $101 and expected to be a barrel, below the march survey of $102 a barrel.

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