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Global fertilizer demand will annual growth of 3.8%

PostTime:2011/5/10 9:09:30 Author:本站  Click:183

The American market research firm California group afredo) recently released study reports, the next three years at an average annual global fertilizer demand growth, of 3.8 by 2013 415 million tons of demand.

Report says that as the world's population grows, and increasing demand on food, plus the biofuel production and arable land dwindling, need to improve the unit output, fertilizer demand will continue to expand.

In the global economic downturn, some countries of fertilizer demand effects of by tightening in credit markets. But since last year, as the global economic recovery, credit policy easing gradually driven fertiliser-makers restart investment. According to the research group afredo, Virginia global demand in Asia, chemical fertilizers to 4.2% preeminent about growing, the annual average speed by 2013 2.485 million tons to. North American fertilizer demand is expected to increase by 2.7% annual rate, by 2013 demand will reach 55 million tons; South America and eastern Europe next three years fertilizer demand growth will be slightly higher than the global average growth. Virginia afredo group says, fertilizer usage in cultivated land change increased because of the circumstances, to feed more and more people.

Meanwhile, to 2013 global fertilizer production is expected to increase by an average of 4% annual rate, 415 million tons is expected to 2013. Among them, the asia-pacific region to yield about fertilizer, an annual growth rate of 6.7 percent by 2013 1.788 million tons; da North America by about 3% of chemical fertilizer production will be the average annual growth, to 2013 reach 1.013 million tons.

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