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Chemical product price in European general decline

PostTime:2011/7/10 21:08:00 Author:本站  Click:141
It is reported, by international crude oil prices sharply and economic prospects from good influence, most European chemicals June contract prices fell. European acrylonitrile (ACN) June contract prices 50 to 55 euros/tons to 2280-2313 euros/tons of FD (northwest Europe), because propylene raw material prices go weak. Since the European propylene lower prices of raw materials, the European June propylene oxide (PO) price drop at least 32 euro/tons, final European epoxy propane prices in June of 1626-1743 euros/tons of FD northwest Europe. Europe in June the adipic acid (ADA) contract prices 20 euros/tons ($29 dollars/t), and settlement price for 2475-2545 euros/tons of FD northwest Europe.
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