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Rising prices across Asia petrochemical products

PostTime:2010/4/2 15:19:19 Author:本站  Click:50

November, the Japanese earthquake happened in the past three weeks, Japan has already caused part a petrochemical plant shutdown Asian region, most petrochemical products prices. In this area chemical products prices may continue to go up is insiders are consistent opinion.

Northeastern Japan's major earthquake and tsunami that infrastructure generally damaged, plus earthquake disaster areas f island nuclear crisis caused by on his domestic industrial production, petrochemical facilities also hit fall victim to it, thus cause Asia petrochemical product price facing upward pressure.

It is reported, Japan April butadiene shipment were forced to postpone or cancel, intensify the product of global supply nervous condition. Butadiene spot price since since March 11, up 7.8% or $200 (tons price, similarly hereinafter), to April 1 $2,800 the 2750 ~ (CFR, northeast Asia).

Asian toluene diisocyanate (TDI) market prices pressure also very big, mitsui chemical company LuDao 12 tons/year, unable to cease factory still Chinese market supply products. LuDao TDI is expected to June factory will shutdown, complete overhaul rear can restore production. April TDI contract settlement price will contract price higher than 3 months, march basf and mitsui chemical company the product's price for $2,600 (CFR, China's main port), last week reported on the basf TDI4 contract price for 2750 dollars (CFR, China's main port).

Propanediol market, Japan also join the importation of goods, will promote the product competition price higher. The past three weeks, drum pharmaceutical grade propanediol price rises considerably, with an average increase of 5.5% or $115 dollars, to 2075, northeast Asia) and (CFR by 2025, southeast Asia ($CFR). Some Japanese buyers in order to ensure safe operation of its downstream production device, even willing to for more than $2,300 (CFR, northeast Asia) price purchase.

The earthquake made Japan a net exporter into importer from phenol. Due to supply constraints, the Japanese buyers had to enter the spot market purchase phenol. The past three weeks, Asian phenol spot prices rose an average of 90 dollars, to 4.9% or $1915, China main port (CFR). Mitsubishi chemical yet to restart its LuDao phenol in factory, this factory/acetone produce 250,000 tons of phenol and 15 million tons of acetone.

Three days later, Asia earthquake of p-xylene market prices within three days, bubbly rose $145. This is mainly JX Japanese oil company in LuDao kawasaki and three factories, then caused prices start to cease has receded. Meanwhile, since the March 11, heterogeneous level since xylene spot price has risen an average of $195 or April 4, 17.8%, the price of $1290 FOB, South Korea .

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