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The Middle East next 3 years petrochemical industries will account for 50% of the world

PostTime:2010/4/2 15:19:39 Author:本站  Click:119

The  Kuwait  political newspaper reported :on April 8, according to Opec organization technical manager the latest special research shows that dr amir, the Middle East because of its abundant natural resources, will vigorously developing petrochemical industry, in the next three years, the region will account for the petrochemical industry 50% of the world. This phenomenon will make its offer gas and oil derivatives original products more competitive price.

The doctor says, Middle East countries are committed to realize its state strategic goals, including future oil export income diversity, stabilization, optimize resource investment, to adopt new technology, improving local staff skill, etc. And make all infrastructure associated with oil industry, widely develop secondary industry for the traditional materials, such as timber, cotton, rubber and metal and Arab countries to seek alternative synthetic materials few supplies.

Arab countries petrochemical production concentration in 13 countries, the highest of the Arab countries is Saudi, 60 percent of capacity; Followed by Libya, 11 per cent; Qatar seven per cent; But Kuwait occupied by 6.8%; Egypt; after of 5.5% Algeria 4.4%; Iraq 2.9%; Bahrain 2%; The rest of the capacity for the united Arab emirates, Oman, distribution of Morocco, Syria and Jordan.

Petrochemical industry was regarded as the international economy and the future of one of the most important pillar industry, is the modern manufacturing inalienable part. Petrochemical industry has the huge investment and advanced technology needs, the raw materials mainly rely on natural gas and oil derivatives. Petrochemical industrial involves various products, such as paint, rubber, plastic, detergent, dyestuff, fertilizer, pesticide, textiles, solvents, drugs and cosmetic beauty products, etc.

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