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Japanese enterprise: Japan Earthquake on the chemical industry have a limited impact

PostTime:2010/4/2 15:19:49 Author:本站  Click:254

at present , nationally from Japan , big quake on the Japanese chemical industry the impact is not big, located in the "LuDao only by the joint chemical devices" impact.

Japan mitsui chemical Co., LTD have the general representative of China with sumitomo chemical Co., LTD shot of Beijing chief representative YanQi Ming April 13, said in an interview from Japan now nationally, big quake on the Japanese chemical industry the impact is not big, located in the "LuDao only by the joint chemical devices" impact.

Due to power, ports, roads earthquake damaged infrastructure such as in some important additives and raw material supply affected; In addition, because part of the customers' enterprise affected reduced demand, the impact of the chemical enterprise production. But these effects also makes China related enterprises to gain the opportunity.

According to introducing, Japan almost all chemical factories are "joint device", namely the domestic chemical enterprise are involved, and composed industrial chain. Among them the quake area is not much, only is a factory LuDao factory received the influence at the latest, and is expected to resume production at the end of June, but unable to full production immediately operation.

In addition, because the shot good oil chemistry induced product factory near refinery fire by the influence of pipeline, so the MEK (methyl ethyl ketones) device also affected. According to understand, this MEK device, Japan is 17 million tons of MEK device. The only production And the chemicals widely used in printing ink and coatings raw materials in future supply of Japan's domestic concern. As a result, many manufacturers and trading company is Chinese looking for suppliers, domestic related enterprises will receive more opportunities.

Although plan power outage is expected to end at the end of April, but with the arrival of the summer, electricity demand will also increase. According to Japanese government estimates, the summer there will be 15 million kilowatts of electricity at the appointed time in gaps, is expected to be restricted to come. The areas affected by oil refinery and naphtha cracking unit have generating their own power equipment, so there won't be caused by lack of electricity production concern. But subsequent is how to ensure the supply of fuel oil electricity needed by the heavy oil consumption, and produced the increasing cost of ethylene.

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